Monday, January 13, 2014


My bmf (best male friend), his wife and their sons came over today. 

As he walked into the kitchen to grab some water from the fridge he asked "how's business going?" 

In normal Marcian rapid fire response form I blurt out, "I think this is the calm before the storm? ...  but it might not be ... what if there is no storm? ...  what if nothing happens?!

I stop once I hear him start to laugh. 

I say, "Don't laugh!  I'm being serious!" 

He pokes his head out of the kitchen to see if I was serious then disappeared back into the kitchen to close the fridge door. 

Although I was being a tad overdramatic I was also being serious.  This is a huge month, definitely the biggest month of my newly found entrepreneurial life.  Or will it be? 

I haven't heard back from Fox5 since early December when I sent the product to the anchor.  I have no clue if the segment is still set to air or when or how long it will be or what it will be about other than the company.  I'm sure it's all good, right?  I do plan to send an email this week to check in and fish for information but is that pestering the anchor?  I don't think so...

I also have to do a warm call this week.  It's not really a warm call though.  I went to the Finding Felicity Facebook page and reread what I updated you alls with last August and it's an actual deal. 

But is this a guaranteed deal?  Will he remember me from August?  I sent him a new years card last week as a gentle reminder of the product.  I'm so nervous about the phone call! 
The third potential hugeness is that when my parents visited at the end of December I got an email from a reporter from Woman's World.  She and I emailed back and forth that evening and had a 46 minute long convo the next morning.  It was a screening call for a series on "Real Women Entrepreneurs".  She told me at the very beginning of the conversation that she compiles the info but her editor has the final say if there will be a formal interview.  She said on December 30 that she should know in 3 weeks.   

So is this going to be the biggest month ever? 

Is all this doubt I'm feeling my inner critic?  My self saboteur? 

Am I allowing myself to feel disappointed and anxious now so that if everything falls through then the disappointment wont be as strong because I've been feeling it for so long already? 

It's not just the fear of everything falling through the cracks though.  What if it all goes as planned but the media and getting into a store doesn't result in sales?  Or worse, what if it results in tons of orders that I can't fill? 

How do I prepare?  And prepare for what? 
Unknowns.  Hate em.  Cant stand em. 

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  1. So many of us have a self saboteur, don't we?! Check out Robin Sharma and Dana Wilde for some great reading and training about "training our brains." I found that in so many situations I was my own worst enemy... Good luck to you this month!!!


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