Friday, January 3, 2014


I miss you bloggie.  I miss writing and putting stuff out there and feeling like I am reaching people and helping. 

The transitions that have happened in my life since starting this blog and beginning the Playing Big program have been absolutely tremendous.  I truly believe that I have found my calling in life and that this is the best life has ever been and may ever be.

One of the tools that I want to share with you that I know has greatly assisted, if not made totally possible, removing my once debilitating shyness/crowd fear is in a TED talk: 

In this talk Amy Cuddy shares a very simple exercise that I've been doing since May, right before the first ever blogger event I went to that I was terrified to attend. 

Since May, and since doing the exercise, I've been to multiple meetups, conferences, meetings, parties, etc and haven't experienced my past anxiety. 

This exercise is simply raising your arms in a V with your head tilted upward for two minutes.  Simple right?  I do it every time I shower.  I can instantly feel the difference in my body and mind.  On days where I don't shower (ewww girl, you so stinky) around 3 pm I feel completely flighty, lightheaded, and foggy.  Proof that the exercise works. 

Have been wanting to share this for a while.  Excuse my tardiness.  Miss you guys! 



  1. interesting! i am curious about the science behind it... cannot watch the vid right now, so if she mentions it, my apologies...

    1. Scientists realized that the common response to athletes winning a sport or event that they would raise their arms up in the sky. I think they mention any victorious a speech, praising Jesus, etc. They tested what happens to levels and noticed that raised arms for 2 mins increases adrenaline but decreases cortisol which is a stress horomone.


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