Monday, January 27, 2014


I've been blocked when it has come to writing.  Since September. 

You may have thought it was because of the new business.  That has part to do with the busyness but the real reason I haven't been writing is because the 3 yo was diagnosed with asthma. 

I've started to tell you a few times.  The posts will come out of order but I need to get it out there now because I can't write until it is. 

We've been to urgent care 3 times and twice by ambulance since September. 

I'm sad.

I'm pissed.

I'm tired.

And somewhat defeated. 

The boy is on Budesonide (steroid) in the morning and evenings now for the duration of the winter and will most likely be every winter now.  Treatments to help him breathe.  Twice daily. 

God only knows what the long term side effects will be from this.

Everyone agrees that the alternative of having our child not breathe is a worse situation than medications all the time. 

I joked with Ryan last night about moving to California and he asked if I was serious.  Maybe. 

We took him to an allergist and he tested positive for dust mites and mold. 

Since the allergy reports we've had the house tested for mold (came back clear), I've taken up vacuuming as a new obsession (but only when I can get the boy out of the house for at least half an hour), we threw out his old mattress and have him on a new one, we had the vents cleaned with a micro-something, we got an air purifier, I've dusted everything to the max. 

We are hoping these changes will help but what his doctor said in September seems to ring true.  If he gets a cold, it will progress into a full blown asthma attack. never catch colds.

It sucks bad but it could be way worse.   Every time we use our insurance for an attack or "borrow" money from my in-laws to help with all the added expenses I can't help but feel for the people I read about in a Washington Post article.  Shortly after the first hospital trip my sis sent an article and it was heartbreaking.  Back then I was in denial and thought his diagnosed asthma was premature and that it was a fluke.  I've started a couple posts on the article and will give my thoughts but that's for later.

It can't all suck at once right?  For those of you that don't follow the business sites, we were on the news!  Told you I was too legit to quit!  You can check out the segment by clicking on the link.   


The news of the news segment happened the same day (Jan 14) that the boy had his most recent attack.  That was our first without an ambulance ride but did result in our first overnight urgent care visit.  Since it was our third attack, I was totes prepared with the Kindle, cell chargers, change of clothes, diapers, lamby, snacks, soda, blankets.  The nurse gave me 3 pillows too (yesss!). 

This is all I got for now. 

Ups and downs and all arounds!  You know how we like to do...keep it interesting. 

Hope to write again soon!



  1. Marcia,

    Please let me know if you ever need anything. I am first and always will be a pediatric nurse. If you need to talk or if I can help in any way please feel free to message or call me. I will send you me phone #. The steroids help immensely. They not only decrease the number of attacks, but also the severity. They are a Godsend for many. Much love to you and your family. You are strong. XO

    1. You are soooo kind, Heather! Thank you so much for sending me your number and this offer for help. Hopefully I never have to use it (for asthma) but feel so much better to have an "in" with a medical professional! <3 Thanks so much...seriously!!!!


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