Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Welcome to our new segment:

Tuesday's Threefold Tips, aka The Trip T's

There have been many an interesting and helpful tip taught to me, or read, that seem could benefit other human beings.  Instead of the ole fashiony way of telling someone once that tip moment arrives, let us prepare in advance and make some new, and hopefully useful, brain wrinkles.

The Trip T's for this week are:

Don't know what to do with all those stinky unwearable (and undonateable) shoes?  Since 1990 Nike has recycled over 28 Million old sneaks into athletic surfaces and playgrounds.  Any brand shoe accepted!  Drop off locations can be found here by entering your zip.  (Thanks, Whole Living Magazine!)

Once uncorked, red wine only has a room temp life of around two days before getting that vinegary taste.  If you uncork a bottle and wont polish it off that night, or the next couple nights, put it in the fridge for up to a week of freshness. My girl learned this in a beer and wine course at Virginia Tech.  If I knew such classes existed maybe I would have gone to college.  (Thanks, T!)
    If your liquid eyeliner is dried up and you *need some right then (picture  me at the lake about to go out for the night with the closest store 30 mins away and putting eye liner on in the car in the dark...that's what I mean by *need), add a couple drops of water and shake. (Thanks, Ica!)

    Hopefully this segment will be weekly, but your help is needed in collecting share worthy tips.  Please send your tips via email findmyfelicity@gmail.com, DM on Twitter (@findmyfelicity), or message on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/findingfelicity).  Please add in the message how you would like your web cred (name, website, handle, picture, whateves).

    Since this is brand spanking new, now is the perfect opportunity to share that time/money/earth saving tip your mama, bestie, boss told you that you have wanted to shout to the world.

    Why do this?  Because sharing caring!


    1. Yay - Sharing IS caring, I love it! Trying to think of some tips for you now...if I come up with any, I'll be emailing you :) And thanks for sharing!

      1. Thanks, Anna! No presh but I will need your email by Monday night ;) jk, babe! Im really excited for this segment!

    2. This is great! What a good idea! I know I must have a tip somewhere in my brain .... but where? When I locate one I'll send it to you ... before Monday night for sure!

      1. That would be greatly appreciated, Martha! Two weeks in and I'm almost tapped :)


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